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General Conditions for Reservations

These Booking Conditions form the basis of your contract with us so please read them carefully.

(last update June 12, 2021)

1. ACCEPTANCE.- Making any reservation implies acceptance of these general conditions.

2. USER.- The person making the reservation must be of legal age and is responsible for the veracity of the information provided.

3. PAYMENT.- We distinguish between deposit payment 20% to confirm the reservation, balance payment of 80% 4 weeks before arrival and a security deposit 1 week before arrival

3.1.- Deposit payment: The system requests a payment of guarantee of 20% of the rental price by credit card or bank transfer. The reservation is subject to acceptance of payment by the banking entity.

3.2.- Balance payment: The remaining 80% is due 4 weeks before arrival, also per bank transfer or credit card. You can also split the balance payment and pay up to 50% of the rental price in cash or with credit card on arrival day in our office.

3.3.- Breakage deposit: The client will leave a breakage deposit as a guarantee latest 1 week before arrival, at the amount specified in the reservation. The deposit can be made by transfer or by giving us your credit card details as a guarantee.This deposit shall be, in case it was paid by bank transfer, fully returned 1 week after check-out, unless defects are found in the apartment, its furniture or equipment, or situations of extreme filth or rubbish. We can also compensate waiting costs of our maintenance staff, in case that guests delay their departure and leave the property after 11 am. The cost for re-establishing the condition of the apartment upon check-in shall be discounted from the deposit. The minimum breakage deposit is 100€.

3.4.- Last-Minute-Bookings: in case your check-in date is within 14 days from the day of reservation, the full amount, incl. breakage deposit, is due immediately.

4. RESERVATION / BOOKING.- The reservation is complete when the guest receives the reservation confirmation with its localization number by email.

5. INFORMATION.- All information provided by the user is saved on a secure server, and we guarantee that this information shall be accessed exclusively by reservation staff, and only for purposes of the reservation and to communicate with the client in regards to future promotions and deals. Some of the information provided (guest names and ID numbers) has to be declared to government authorities, in order to fulfill our legal duties, such as the registration of travelers at the Guardia Civil or the informative tax declaration of bookings.

7. OCCUPANTS.- The client may only lodge the maximum number of people as defined in the apartment’s characteristics and as stated in the reservation.

8. CLEANING.- The apartment shall be made available to the client duly clean. The client commits to leave the apartment reasonably clean, without rubbish or leftover food.

9. EQUIPMENT.- The client commits to leave the apartment in the same circumstances as they found it upon entering in terms of furniture and equipment preservation.

10. CANCELLATION BY THE GUEST.- Depending on the time left to find new guests to fill the cancelled period, the cancellation fees are graded as follows:

a) Cancellation made until 61 days: the cancellation fee is 20% of the rental price
b) between 60. and 35 days before arrival 50% of the rental price
c) between 34. and 10 days before arrival 80% of the rental price
d) less than 9 days before arrival 95% of the rental price.

We strongly recommend to book an insurance for cancellation fees.

If you want to change your travel dates or the accommodation after the reservation has been confirmed, you can do this without charge, in case the arrival date is 61 or more days ahead. If the date of your arrival is in 60 days or less, any change of reservation supposes the cancellation of the booking combined with a new booking, especially if it involves a change of property.
Please observe that each booking has an independent contract with an individual property owner.

In case CA finds a new client for the cancelled period, the cancellation fee can be reduced, taking in account the earnings with the new booking, possible discounts etc. In this case, CA will retain a service fees of 50€ to compensate its efforts and costs.

CA will return to the client service fees of unused services, such as exit cleaning, supplements...

In case of delayed arrival or early departure, you have no claim for a (partial) devolution of the rent.

11. CANCELLATION BY CA.- CA can cancel the contract before arrival in case of non payment of the 1st or 2nd installment, if the client, after having received a payment reminder from CA, is not responding.

CA can cancel the contract after arrival, if you or your travel companions are behaving in a way, which might cause a damage to the property and/or lead to excessive costs for the owner or the agency. This refers especially to negligent or irresponsible behavior, or if the property is occupied by more people than the maximum allowed. In that case we have the right to keep the total amount of the rental.

CA reserves the right to change the hired accommodation for one with similar or better characteristics in the event that the accommodation temporarily can not be used as a holiday  property, such as defects suddenly occurring after the date of the reservation, noisy building activity in the neighborhood.... These changes shall be at no cost to the client.

12. OBLIGATIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF CA.- CA is responsible for the accuracy of the information of its website and does its best to ensure that all information is kept up to date. However some attributes and inventory may have changed that we are not made aware of. CA cannot be held liable for these changes.

CA, as your contract partner, is also responsible, that the accommodation is tidy and well prepared for your stay, without defects. In case of defects, please inform CA straight away. Failure to do so may result in a loss of rights to claim compensation. CA will do their best to solve the problem or provide an alternative accommodation in a reasonable time (we aim for a 24 hs response). Compensation can only be claimed, if CA or its service partners fail to respond

CA or its employees are not responsible for:

  • errors, omissions, or misspelled words
  • misrepresentation by third parties
  • personal damages or injuries incurred while staying in one of the accommodations
  • disputes between a consumer and a third party
  • content of external links you will find on our website
  • external factors which might (temporarily) change the environment, such as public building work, damages caused by floods or storms etc.


  • You are responsible for the whole group traveling with you, to treat the property with care and to notify CA immediately about damages and defects.
  • The property can only be used by the number of people named in the booking. In case of overbooking, we can ask for a compensation payment for the period of the overbooking (10%-15% of the rental price per person) and/or can demand the immediate dislocation of the excess of guests.
  • It is strictly forbidden to camp on the estate (put up tents, park caravans...).
  • On arrival day, check-in is possible from 5pm; on departure day, check-out is before 11am. Early check-in or late check-out is only possible with clear permission of CA.
  • On departure day, you are obliged to leave the property in a clean and tidy state (dishes washed, garbage removed, floors clean from sand and dust, everything in its place, and linen removed from the beds).
  • You are obliged to do everything possible to avoid any damage, disturbance or defect, which includes pulling back sunshades when strong wind is coming up or taking inside cushions and mattresses before rain starts or at night time when sprinklers start to work...
  • You are obliged to grant access to the estate to the service personal for pool and garden maintenance.

14. PETS.- If you plan to travel with your pet, please check in the property description, if pets are admitted. Property owners can deny access if the guest bring a pet to a property where no pets are admitted.

There is a unique supplement of 30€ (in some properties this price might vary) to compensate extra cleaning and laundry efforts, and you also have to guarantee with a breakage deposit of 250€ any damage or costs that might be caused by the animal. 

The dog keeper is kept responsible for the well behavior of the animal. Barking, scratching on inventory, digging holes in the garden shall be avoided as well as the dog owner shall eliminate all excrements in the garden.

15. STATUE BARRED CLAIMS, PROHIBITION OF CESSION, JURISDICTION.- Any claim are in lapse 6 months after the departure day according to the contract. You can not cede your claims to other persons which have travelled with you, spouses etc. Jurisdiction is in the courts of Chiclana de la Frontera.

16. Platform for the resolution of disputes for online purchases

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