Geolocation and 3D trails of Conil

Geolocation and 3D trails of Conil

For hiking lovers: we introduce you to the latest tourism innovation, presented by the Conil tourism website.

We want to introduce you to the latest tourism innovation, presented by the Conil tourism website.

A digital tool has been launched with which to learn in depth all the secrets of the 4 most majestic nature trails in Conil.

It offers an updated and easily accessible geolocation through a QR code. You have at your disposal 3D images of the trails, explanatory videos with integrated route map and audio in several languages

Roche River Trail

This linear route, of low difficulty thanks to its gentle slope, has a length of approximately 1.6 kilometers

runs parallel to the bed of the Roche river, connecting the Port of Conil with the Roche urbanization.


Costilnovo Trail:

It is a 3.3 km trail of low difficulty. During the tour you can see historical remains such as wells, remains of the town, a bunker, demarcation of almadraba; and a beautiful natural environment made up of wetlands with unique species of fauna and flora, right in front of the sea.


Roche Coves Trail

The trail begins at the Roche Lighthouse and runs along the upper area of ​​the cliffs to the Roche urbanization

Along the path you can visit the five coves that precede the Roche urbanization: Cala del Tío Juan de Medina, Cala Áspero, Cala del Pato, Cala del Frailecillo and, finally, Cala Encendida. All of them with fine, golden sands.


Conil coves trails

2.1 km trail, duration of about 45 minutes and low difficulty. It connects the upper pine forest area to the fishing port with the Fuente del Gallo urbanization.

The route begins at the top of the cliffs of the fishing port. This area is of great scenic beauty, formed by a banded cliff of reddish colors.

Discover it here: