More sustainable holidays

More sustainable holidays

Less waste, better energy and water management: these are our measures for 2023


Dear Traveling Customers,
we can only improve the world if we start with ourselves. At Casa Andaluza we want to do our bit: firstly to create less waste and secondly to improve our energy and water management.

We also want to introduce changes in our organization and planning to meet our standards of cleanliness and performance.

Less waste

I am an opponent of single-dose packaging and pre-programmed obsolescence. I am convinced that, without any loss of welfare and with existing methods and emerging technologies, we are able to reduce our waste to a fraction of the current level.

Our waste avoidance program:

    Refillable dispensers for liquids (gel, shampoo, detergents).
    Water dispensers (waterservice) in homes
    Laundry service with cloth linen sacks
    Replacing electric coffee makers with French coffee makers and electric kettles with classic kettles

Better energy management

Our best contribution to the economy and the ecology is energy saving.

It is clear that inflation and high fuel costs decrease the purchasing power of individuals and families. How much will be left over for the vacations?
For this reason I am not in favor of translating the inflation rate into tariffs for 2023.

To create more awareness, I am informing our homeowner clients about energy saving possibilities, solar hot water production and photovoltaic electricity production. I know from my own experience that the electricity bill can be reduced by 70-80%. Thermal insulation and solar panels are increasingly profitable investments.

Shaded areas in front of windows and ventilation possibilities can replace air conditioners that are real energy guzzlers.
There are technical solutions to control consumption during guest stays, such as air conditioners that automatically switch off every hour and prevent guests from leaving the unit on day and night.

Better water management

After several years of low rainfall, the pockets of groundwater that feed our wells and reservoirs are being depleted. If it doesn't rain this winter, water restrictions will be inevitable.

In my own house in Zahora I am carrying out a project to achieve a high level of autonomy of this resource:

  • Rainwater collection and storage in cisterns (14,000 l) for domestic use.
  •     Recycling of grey water for irrigation of the garden and orchard.
  •     Transformation of lawn areas into an ornamental dry garden that needs very little watering
  •     Drinking water dispensers for the inhabitants

With these examples I want to show that a dry garden can be both a lush, exotic and beautiful landscape. That with a cyclical water management, one can live with peace of mind and be sure that this resource will not be lacking.

More excellence in service

It is difficult but not impossible to maintain the level of cleanliness and the general condition of the accommodations at an impeccable level also in the months of July and August.

The supply of tourist accommodations in the region has grown in greater proportion than the supply of labor for cleaning and maintenance services. Cleaning companies were overstaffed and understaffed in the summer months. In summer 2022 there were too many failures, too many complaints and on some days, such as August 1 or 15, my office colleagues, Sara and José Luis, did not stop to attend to complaints and calm the spirits.

Recognizing that the work can be delegated but not the responsibility for the results, Casa Andaluza will have a manager in 2023 who will ensure that our standards are met and control the level of quality of work of subcontractors.

In this sense, dear client traveler, I hope that you will come back to us next summer. May we be worthy of your trust and may you contribute your own grain of sand to take care of this beautiful planet. In your daily life as well as in your vacations.

Best regards

Karin Joanidopoulos