Services, Commissions and Fees in 2024

Services, Commissions and Fees in 2024

Define for yourself the level of service you want and pay the right amount for it.

1. Advertising and Booking Management


  • Creating and updating your property-advert on the Casa Andaluza website

  • Publication of your ad on channels* such as Airbnb, VRBO, Booking and Holidú (if desired)

  • Promotion through social media, newsletters and other marketing campaigns

  • Organisation of arrivals and departures with key handover ("self-check-in" method) and guest declaration
  • Welcome App for guests with information about check-in, check-out, house manual and local recommendations.

  • 24/7 emergency number for customer service during the stay

  • Complaints management

  • Collections and payments of rent and cleaning fees, invoicing

  • Collection of customer reviews and ratings

The commission is 22% (including VAT = 18.18% net).

* The channel commissions which are usually around 15% are added to the Casa Andaluza commission through a mark-up. In this way, the gap between what the guest pays and what you receive is the CA commission + the channel commission.

2. Cleaning and maintenance service management

Organisation and control of cleaning and maintenance tasks with our own staff. Decide for yourself what you want to keep in your own hands and what you want to delegate to Casa Andaluza.

The booking fee rises by 5% to 27% including VAT (€22.31). Now you can forget about looking for staff to clean and maintain your property, you don't have to pay them or control their work. Because we do it for you.

a) Arrival and exit cleaning + incident management (operational maintenance)


  • Preparation for guest entry. The rate depends on the state of the property and the work required. It can be a thorough initial cleaning at the beginning of the season. Or a half-hour or even several hours job after a few days or a few weeks of vacancy. The owner is invoiced according to the work involved and other costs such as laundry, inventory replacement etc.
  • Guest departure cleaning is paid by guest by a fixed amount. The same amount will be charged to the owner for his own stays (including stays of family and friends). This includes cleaning of the entire flat + linen service + check of the operation so that it is ready for the next arrival.
  • Booster cleaning. If your property has a high occupancy rate, it will need a more thorough cleaning every 3-6 months. The owner will be billed for any hours in excess of the exit  cleaning.
  • Management of technical incidents. Our facility technician will be there immediately to solve technical problems, or we call a specialist. The owner is billed for the costs of repairs and the costs of the CA office staff employed to solve the problem (travel, communication with technicians, owners and clients...).

b) Annual preventive maintenance


  • A diagnosis to detect the needs of the home. The general state of the property: need of painting, anti-humidity treatment, inventory replacement...; state of furniture and fixtures, operation of appliances... A report is created for the owner along with an "action plan" and a cost estimate. This is usually done in winter. The cost of the diagnosis is, depending on the characteristics of the home, between €70 and €100.

It is not mandatory but highly recommended to do so because it helps keep your home in perfect condition. We also avoid claims and complaints from guests about malfunctions or obsolescence as well as demands for compensation for inconvenience.

  • An annual review of the house's facilities: cleaning washing machine or dishwasher filters; drains and siphons; review silicone in kitchen and bathrooms, whiten joints; remove/paint stains; descale and degrease; tighten loose screws in furniture; review blinds and their tapes; gas heater gum cleaning; grease hinges and check locks; Carry out the other small repairs that are necessary so that your home is in perfect condition. Charged per hour of work + material.
  • Carrying out renovation, painting and improvement work. Cost estimate, control of the execution, billing. If external companies and technicians are involved, Casa Andaluza charges a margin of 10% as an expense allowance.

3. Variation of the commission depending on availability for the agency

Some owners prefer to manage the high season on their own.
However, in order to include your home in an expensive infrastructure like ours, Casa Andaluza has to achieve satisfactory profitability throughout the year with the management of your home.

The commission is increased by 5% when:
  • Casa Andaluza does not have a minimum of 50% high season (15.6. - 15.9.).
  • Commission income does not reach €2,000 (gross) per year.

4. Owner reservation management service without commission for the agency

If the owner wants Casa Andaluza to manage check-in and check-out services, cleaning coordination and guest service for their own stays, those of their friends, family or their own guests, the following rates and commissions will apply:
  • We manage one owner's own stay per year for free. You only have to pay for the departure cleaning (and the entry review, if applicable).
  • In the other owner's occupancies in which CA provides its cleaning and maintenance management and control service, the management fee will be €60 incl. VAT (€49.59 net).
  • For stays of clients, friends, family of the owner, the agency's remuneration will be 10% (incl. VAT) of the final price that would be applied according to the calendar, with a minimum of €75 (incl. VAT).

Labor cost per hour* (approximately, may vary depending on circumstances):

  • cleaner: €20 per hour
  • housekeeper/maintenance technician: €25 per hour
  • specialist: according to invoice

These rates include social insurance and taxes.