Benefits, commissions and agency tariffs for 2023

Benefits, commissions and agency tariffs for 2023

What services do you want to arrange with Casa Andaluza and what availability do you offer the agency? From 2023 onwards, the agency commission will depend on various factors.

1. booking management / management of cleaning and maintenance services.

In the past, Casa Andaluza has applied a uniform commission regardless of the volume of services provided. However, it is not the same amount of work to manage the bookings for an owner-managed property as it is to organise and manage the service delivery for cleaning and maintenance through subcontractors.
Those owner-managed properties are usually tip-top maintained. In order to achieve this level also with the subcontractors, they have to be subjected to strict controls.
Since 2021, we have been carrying out cleaning inspections (we inspect between 30 and 50%). In addition, we also carry out departure checks on younger guests. These control services at the house require more staff: last year 2021 with Lourdes, and since June 2022 we have Nicolas for the "field service".

Next year, we would like to be even more thorough to ensure that cleanliness gets top marks and hire a competent cleaning and service supervisor.
Therefore, the standard commission of 20% (incl. VAT) applies to the services of advertising, booking, check-in and customer service. The net commission is 16.53%.

The commission is 25% (incl. VAT) if Casa Andaluza also subcontracts the management of cleaning and maintenance. The net commission is 20.66%.

2. minimum commission of 100€

There are bookings for short stays where the actual commission does not cover the agency's expenses. These short stays help the owner to close gaps and increase their return on investment. For Casa Andaluza, the workload for a 3-day stay is practically the same as for a 3-week stay. For this reason, Casa Andaluza's minimum commission is 100€ (incl. VAT) from 2023,

This should not affect your income as an owner too much. It simply means that for short stays the daily rate is higher than for longer stays. This is possible by granting discounts for long stays.

Example: Price per day = 100€ for a minimum stay of 3 days. Discount for stays > 7 days = 15%.
1) Booking of 3 days = 300€. Agency commission 20% = 60€. It is increased to 100€. Profit of the owner 200€ (67€ / day).
2) Booking of 7 days = 7 x 100€ - 15% = 595€. Commission 20% = 119€. Landlord's income 476€ (average 68€/day).

3. commission adjustment if the owner excludes Casa Andaluza from high season rentals.

In order to operate at the above commissions (20% or 25%), Casa Andaluza must achieve a satisfactory return throughout the year. This is difficult if the owner manages the property himself during the high season, leaving only the months with lower demand and low price levels to the agency.

The commission is increased by 5% if all 3 of the following situations coincide

Casa Andaluza does not have a minimum of 50% high season (15.6. - 15.9.) available.
Your accommodation is not in demand for longer stays in winter.
The commission income of your property is less than 1.500 € (gross).

4. service for owner occupancy

If the owner wishes Casa Andaluza to organise and manage the services for their own stays, those of their friends, family or their own guests, the following rates and commissions apply:

We manage one owner stay per year free of charge. You only have to pay for cleaning on departure (and preparing the house for arrival if necessary).
For all other owner stays where CA provides its cleaning and maintenance management and control service, the management fee is €60 incl. VAT (€49.59 net).
For stays by clients, friends or relatives of the owner, the agency's fee is 10% (incl. VAT) of the client price that would apply for the period. The minimum service fee is 75 € (incl. VAT).

Standard cleaning service: Due to the complications and misunderstandings arising from the individual wishes of some owners, we only offer a standard cleaning service via subcontractors, including bed linen and towels.