Growing demand for long stays in winter

Growing demand for long stays in winter

Wintering on the Costa de la Luz, in Conil, Vejer or Barbate. At Olas del Sol you will find winter-ready flats and a professional and personalised agency service.

Andalusia: An increasingly attractive winter destination

On the one hand, the "baby boomer" generation, which is reaching retirement age, is creating growing demand. On the other hand - a positive consequence of the pandemic - the growing number of "digital nomads", professionals in the IT sector between 30 and 55 years old who work remotely in their home offices. Both have in common that they want to escape the dark, cold winters of Central Europe in search of sun and a good quality of life.

Casa Andaluza's answer: "Olas del Sol".

We will meet this demand with our own "product". The market for long-term stays differs from holiday tourism in a number of ways: different legal regulations, different contracts, a different marketing concept and an exclusive selection of accommodation that is attractive and well prepared for the colder and wetter seasons.
With the new brand "Olas del Sol" (the website is almost ready), we will position ourselves in the long-term stays sector from autumn 2022.

How to best prepare your home for winter rentals

Many houses are built for summer, in winter they are cold and damp and it is difficult to create a warm and dry ambience. Adequate insulation and efficient heating that doesn't cost an insane amount of money. These are basic requirements for offering your house to long-term tenants in winter. Here's what you should look for:

  • Double-glazed windows that close hermetically.
  • It should be sunny inside so that there is little or no need for heating during the day.
  • Sunny place outside, preferably protected from the wind.
  • Efficient heating: wood-burning stove, closed fireplace with ventilation or pellet stove provide cosy warmth with a cosy effect. There are small pellet stoves that fit into the fireplace opening.
  • In the absence of a pellet stove: electric appliances with high heating efficiency and low consumption. Electric heaters with fireclay plates are expensive to buy but pay for themselves in much lower consumption.
  • Heaters for bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • Duvets with duvet covers.
  • Carpets.
We would like to expand our range with houses and flats that meet these requirements. We offer a premium for the successful placement of winter-suitable accommodation that expands our portfolio.