Statistics on customers and bookings

Statistics on customers and bookings

Find out about customer origin, occupancy rates, income throughout the year...

1. Most bookings are made directly with Casa Andaluza.

The CASA ANDALUZA brand is able to compete, at a local level, with the big booking channels.

The following 3 graphs show that the majority of bookings are contracted directly with Casa Andaluza or through our website. In high season, over 50% of stays have been booked directly while in low season and low season, 75% contact us directly.

The key factors for our success are:
  1. The personal attention in our office, especially for stays out of high season and long stays in winter. 
  2. Our website is very visible. There are more bookings through the Casa Andaluza website than through Airbnb and Booking combined.
  3. We do dynamic and active marketing throughout the year. We respond flexibly to changes in the market.

2. With Casa Andaluza you get high occupancy rates also outside the high season.

Approximately 50% of the income is achieved in the high season. This means that by offering your home in the mid and low season with Casa Andaluza you can double your income and quadruple the number of overnight stays in your home.

The graph below shows the occupancy rate of a sample of 50 accommodations that are fully managed by Casa Andaluza. It is normal that during part of the high season the accommodation is occupied by the owners. Therefore the curve does not reach the level of > 90% occupancy in the month of August.

3. With Casa Andaluza you have access to a national and international clientele.

Casa Andaluza has always had a strong position in both the Spanish and Central European markets, with a strong focus on German-speaking tourists.

The highest revenues however come from Spanish tourism, which is concentrated in the high priced summer season. On the other hand, most of the overnight stays are by foreign tourists, especially Germans.

30% of the overnight stays fall in the winter months (November - March) and are due to our successful long-term-stay programme.